Our micro-bead extensions are pre-assembled to offer ease and simplicity when applying.

 . ..everything your need to know       Micro Bead 101:  

Not too long ago, our only option for applying hair extensions was sewing the weft to the roots of the hair or using those awful smelly glues to adhere the hair. Thanks to New Technology and many advancements made in the hair extension industry, we now have more practical, non-damaging, and safer methods.

These Small changes have been revolutionary. And we literally mean small!

 Our Micro-bead Extensions comes to you as a  fully assembled product that is both easy to apply and remove; Our silicone lining creates an Ultra lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

Creating length and fullness without stress or damage.

Micro-beads are very tiny (about 3mm in length), weightless and  comfortable.

Creating stress or traction on the hair will cause breakage and ultimately damage to the scalp and hair follicles.  These stresses include: Continuous tight braiding, tight ponytails, chemically processing hair after removing tight braids, cornrows or weaving.

Why Links are applied at the root:

Whether you have breakage or split ends will not matter when using micro-bead extensions.  Most Often these extensions are used to disguise damage to the hair.

– Why? Our roots are the strongest part of our hair, whether we perm, straighten or chemically process. The reason we still have hair on your heads is because of the strength in our roots.

Also your root is an indication of how your hair will flow from the head.  So if your hair has some height or lays flat on the head, the extensions will follow this same pattern.

Placing micro-beads extensions close to the scalp will help them to adapt and conform to your natural pattern and hair flow.

This is harder to achieve with other hair extension methods such as weaving or glue application. There is very little versatility when it comes to these methods.  Washing, conditioning and styling in ponytails or updos will be very easy to achieve.

 . ..everything your need to know          Micro Bead 101:  

If you’re looking for long term hair solutions, but want to avoid harsh bonding chemicals and weaving methods, then microbead hair extensions might be the answer for you 

Our new extensions are easy to attach and can last between 4-6 months with proper care and upkeep. Women are also finding out that these extensions feel lighter and are more comfortable to wear than traditional extensions because there is no tension on the scalp and it provides more flexibility when styling. 

There are 3 easy steps to attaching beads:

1. Place a strand of your natural hair through the loop.

2. Pull loop completely out.

3. Clamp the bead shut to secure its placement.

   Advantages of Micro-bead extension methods    :

  • Extend the length of the hair in the most natural way. Using strands creates versatility when washing, conditioning, and styling the hair as a unit.

  • Last longer than any other method of weaving, between 4-6 months depending on growth pattern and care.

  • Simple to apply and remove. Because they do not require the use of any heat or glues; you can do them yourself.  
** Seeking a Professional stylist after application can not only save you thousands of dollars but help with blending, cutting or dyeing the hair to match your own hair. They will blend  your own hair to make it look seamless and 100% natural. 

Experience Real Growth. (see diagram 1.)

Micro-bead extensions are very versatile and can be treated like your natural hair.  Washing, conditioning, and caring for your hair and scalp is a must when it comes to hair growth. You will be able to achieve growth with micro-bead extensions because they do not restrict your lifestyle and you can continue your normal hair regime as needed.

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